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This is a place for me to think out loud (or 'on paper') all things that are interesting me, and to comment on things I want to remember. Naming my blog the Ivory Tower is a joke on the popular notion that philosophy and intelligence are something beyond the common man, somehow above the 'mean' act of living as a human. Rand's refutation of this is what immediately drew me to her. Feel free to introduce yourself.



I've stopped blogging because lately I've felt like I have to perform my best for an audience every time I write and a lot of times I don't want to talk to an audience, I just want to talk to myself. Either I want to hammer an idea for eventual public display, or just take notes, or I know that a certain subject doesn't matter to anyone but me and I don't want to justify my writing on it. The point is I never started a blog for an audience, and it's become a hinderance to my writing. I found a new blogging service, called Vox, which displays posts based upon who has access to see them. Which mean I don't have to search through the back pages of my dashboard for any stray note I typed down two months ago. It's as easily accessable as the rest of my blog, because when I'm logged in I can see all my posts displayed normally. I've been using it for a month and, although I'll miss experimenting with the greater power of Blogger, Vox suits me better. Even if it feels too pre-packaged to begin with.

My new site is and I'll start moving my posts manually from here over there whenever I feel like it.



At Wednesday, February 14, 2007 9:08:00 PM, Blogger Tom Rowland said...

Hi, Amanda.

Read you January 1st post and thought I'd let you know what I do. Lots of times my posts are sense of life "erruptions"' in that I let my subconscious do the work and make the connections. I'm not trying to figure things out, but simply want to express my outrage or inrage (?). Like my diatribe about Socialized Medicine in Tacoma. Other times, when I want to think long and hard, I do it off-line and then copy/paste it to my blog,like with the long article I'm writing on Tracinski. You've probably thought of all that, so I'll just say what I've seen, I like.

Tom @


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